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If you want to find out if you have a strong "WHY", then watch the way you react to resistance. It can play out in one of these two paths:

Lack of a Strong Why

  • A tough time presents itself

  • The pressure and resistance of the moment are more of a hassle than what you internally signed up for

  • You walk away from the situation because there was no clear reason for you to continue forward

Strong Why

  • A tough time presents itself

  • The pressure and resistance of the moment demand attention

  • You recognize the obstacle as an opportunity to grow because you have a clear reason why you are doing what you're doing

  • You address and adjust to the situation

  • You move forward on your growth journey

A strong WHY is tied directly to WHO you want to be. When you have a vision for WHO you want to be we then should stop to ask the question:

"WHY do I want to be that person (WHO)?"

Often times we don't have a strong enough answer to this question that will anchor us in the storms and be a driving force in the seasons of resistance. A lack of a strong WHY can directly affect the path to becoming the person we wish to become. I want to encourage you to invest in yourself by developing a WHY that coincides with WHO you want to become!


1. Ask WHO (character) do I want to be?

2. Ask WHY (purpose and potential) do I want to be that person? Keep digging here. You have to go deep to discover that something in you that will help you be anchored in a storm and have an inner driving force during the seasons of resistance.

3. Take what you have and grow it. You might not come to a WHY that encompasses everything you want it to right off the bat. Don't be discouraged! Take the WHY you were able to get from digging deeper and develop it over time. The idea is to be aware of yourself and what's driving you! From there you can continually make adjustments to keep yourself pointed in the direction that you desire to go!

I hope this has added value to you! As always if you have found this helpful please subscribe and share to the Strong and Steady! You can also follow me on Instagram at @raymillsap

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