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Benefit of Hobbies Pt. 1

There is mounting evidence that those who engage in hobbies are less susceptible to fatigue or depression. In fact, engaging in certain leisure-time activities frequently results in lower blood pressure, more positive psychosocial states and the improved health levels associated with living longer.

The idea of living a longer quality life has always been a topic of interest to me personally. I love the idea of telling stories to my great or great great grandchildren one day. Passing down wisdom and moments from the ages before to the next generation is one of the riches experiences I enjoyed as a child. In order to get to that moment we need to, well, get there. So here's to a quality life and doing whats in our power to increase it! Here are some hobbies that can help increase your chances of a longer lifespan.

  • Reading – Escaping into another world can reduce stress levels by 68%, according to a study out of the University of Sussex in England—and it takes just six minutes for reading to begin working its magic. Psychologists say that’s because the mind has to concentrate on reading and the distraction eases tension in muscles and the heart. Not sure where to start? Here are some books that have really changed my life for the better!

- Atomic Habits by James Clear

- Humility by Andrew Murray

- The Complete 101 Collection by John C. Maxwell

  • Gardening – Having a green thumb, combined with being in a lush, green environment, can enhance and extend life for people over 60, according to one Australian study. It can also lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. The evidence is supported by a University of Hawaii report showing that gardening buffs in Okinawa, which has the largest concentration of people over 100, frequently tend personal gardens well into old age. Gardening is something that our family is starting to get into. Here's some great resources!

- Epic Gardening Youtube Channel by Kevin Espiritu is a great guide for every skill level!

- Gardening for Beginners is a kindle series that has a variety of gardening resources

  • Cooking – People who make their meals from scratch are more likely to eat a more healthful diet. Home cooks score highest on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Healthy Eating Index, with the research consistently showing that eating better maintains better health, which can result in extending life. There's a billion resources out there for cooking but here's a quick start if you've never dived in before.

- Gordan Ramsay's YouTube Channel. You might have seen him reeming some poor Chef on T.V. but he actually has some great easy to follow content. If you're looking for a book he has taken his video's and turned them into a 10 Minute Cooking Book.

  • Listening to Music – A study at the University of London concluded that listening to music for at least 20 minutes daily can boost your sense of well-being by 21%, your feelings of self-worth by 25% and your mental stimulation by 75%. The study concluded that such positive feelings can boost your lifespan by up to nine years.

  • Walking – The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can have a profound impact on your health. Those who take brisk walks might live up to 20 years longer than couch potatoes, according to a Mayo Clinic study. But you have to extend some effort. The researchers note that a brisk walk at least 3 miles per hour, or 100 steps a minute, is required to get the life-extending perks. I've found this to be an absolute game changer. I often work from home. I've been adding quick walks to my break time and it has allowed me to stay more alert throughout the day. I've also observed an increase in energy and a decrease of stress. 5/5 would highly recommend!

I hope this has added value to you! As always if you have found this helpful please subscribe and share to the Strong and Steady! You can also follow me on Instagram at @raymillsap

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