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Date Night: Men We Can Do Better

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Alright Men! I'm calling foul.. on myself! I have not been consistent in the area of date night with my wife and there's really no reason why. I could come up with plenty of reasons but they would really just be pathetic excuses. Here's a personal confession that I'd be willing to bet is more than just my story:

When it comes to planning time to go watch the Sunday Football game I make sure my house is in order, my kids are taken care of, the proper food has been bought ahead of time, the game we're going to watch has been picked, and that wherever we're watching the game has been vetted.

When it comes to date night... not so much.

It's sad but true. In the past I've gladly spent time and effort on making sure that a football game experience has been great every time. But when it came to preparing a date night with my wife I just showed up and hoped she have some idea of what she'd like to do and then I would just go along. Take that and add on the fact that I thought that kind of night had earned me some kind of medal and sex that night.. I'm laughing at how pathetic my game is.

I wasn't really aware of this until one day my wife asked if I could plan a date night. I replied with "sure what do you want to do?" She replied back with "No, can you plan a date night?"

Cue the confusion and terror...

My wife gently pointed out all effort I put into the things I liked doing and simply asked if I could try to put that same effort into a date night. That was the embarrassing but necessary request my wife had to make to wake me up a bit.

If this sounds at all familiar then hang on because I have sometimes coming your way to spark that creativity in you and hopefully start you on a much better path of dating your wife.

Lets start with a successful small step.. Date Night at Home

Truth is, as life gets busy and responsibilities pile up, it can be easy for couples to forget about the importance of quality time together. But, taking the time to connect with your wife on a regular basis can strengthen your relationship, reduce stress, and increase happiness. One way to do this is by having a weekly date night. And, with the convenience of staying at home, you can still have a special and romantic evening without the hassle of going out.

Benefits of a Weekly Date Night

Before we get into some date night ideas, let's first talk about the benefits of having a weekly date night. Here are just a few reasons why prioritizing regular one-on-one time with your wife is so important:

  1. Rekindle the Romance: Over time, the daily routine of life can take a toll on your relationship, making it easy to fall into a rut. A weekly date night is a great way to bring back the romance and keep the spark alive.

  2. Reduce Stress: When you make time for yourself and your relationship, it can help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. A weekly date night is a great way to relax, unwind, and forget about the stressors of everyday life.

  3. Increase Communication: Communication is key in any relationship, and a weekly date night provides an opportunity for couples to have meaningful conversations without the distractions of everyday life. It's a time to share thoughts, feelings, and dreams with each other.

  4. Improve Intimacy: Spending quality time together can also improve intimacy and strengthen your emotional and physical connection. Whether it's through a romantic dinner, a movie night, or a game night, a weekly date night can help reignite the passion in your relationship.

  5. Create Lasting Memories: Date nights are a chance to create lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come. Whether it's trying a new recipe together or playing a game, you'll look back on these moments with fondness.

Now that we've covered the benefits of having a weekly date night, let's dive into some fun and creative at-home date ideas that you can do with your spouse.

1. Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Cooking a romantic dinner together is a classic and fun at-home date idea. It's a chance to try a new recipe, put on some music, and enjoy each other's company while preparing a delicious meal. To make it extra special, you could dress up and set the table with your best dinnerware. And, don't forget the candles! You can also choose to make your favorite meals, or even recreate a dish from your favorite restaurant. Cooking together can be a great bonding experience and can help you learn more about each other's tastes and preferences. I personally love putting on some ridiculous love music to add to the cheese (think Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On").

2. Have a Game Night

Game nights are a fun and lighthearted way to spend time together. You can choose to play board games or card games, whether you prefer strategy games or trivia games. You can even make it a competition and keep score to see who comes out on top. Game nights can be a great way to bring out your competitive side and create some friendly rivalry between you and your spouse. Plus, it's a chance to let loose, have fun, and laugh together. Another tip to consider is to make sure it's a game your wife enjoys playing. If you're not sure try to remember if she's ever shared any game that her and her family use to play. It'll bring some nostalgia to the night. Remember that building intimacy with your wife is more that taking it to the sheets. Knowing her on different levels adds value to your relationship that will compound over time.

3. Have a Spa Night

A spa night is a relaxing and intimate way to spend time together. You can create a DIY spa experience by giving each other massages, doing facials, or even soaking in a bubble bath. To set the mood, you can light some candles and play some calming music. You can also make it more special by preparing some healthy snacks and drinks. A spa night is a great way to de-stress, pamper yourselves, and feel more connected with each other. Let's be real here, if your wife is open to this and you get this right in even the slightest you'll be a happy man. TIP: When its spa time IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Let the massage be JUST a massage and so forth. The main goal is to serve your wife in the moment.

4. Create Art Together

Creating art together is a unique and romantic way to spend time together. You can choose to paint, draw, or even make a craft together. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy creating something beautiful together. You can even create a collaborative piece of art that you can display in your home as a reminder of your special evening. Creating art together is a chance to be creative, express yourselves, and have fun while doing it. If you're both bad at art I think it's even more fun. Grab a YouTube tutorial (Here You Go) and some basic supplies and go make some Frankenstein art together.

5. Have a Movie Night with a Twist

Having a movie night is a classic at-home date idea, but you can add a twist to make it more fun and special. You can choose a theme for your movie night, such as a favorite decade, genre, or actor. You can also make it more interactive by playing a drinking game or creating a bingo card with movie clichés to look out for. You can even create a DIY movie theater experience by dimming the lights, making some popcorn, and cuddling up under a cozy blanket.

There are many creative and unique at-home date ideas that you can do with your spouse. Whether you choose to cook a romantic dinner together, have a game night, create art, or have a movie night with a twist, the most important thing is to make time for each other and enjoy each other's company. Regular date nights can help strengthen your relationship, reduce stress, and increase happiness. So, don't forget to make time for each other and have some fun!

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