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Why Strong and Steady?

So what's the why behind "The Strong and Steady"?

These two words have more meaning to me personally than what's at face value. They represent what I value and what I hope to pour out to the people around me.

Here's the simple breakdown of what it means to me:


The first thing I want to be strong in my life is my relationships. My relationship with God, my wife, my kids, my family, my friends, and anyone I have the privilege of sharing life with.

I believe strong families create strong communities.

I believe a strong marriage is one of the best gifts you can give your kids.

I believe strong relationships create satisfaction in life that the material cannot.

So simply put when I think of "Strong" I think of investing in the richest part of life, Relationships.


This one is something I desire to be. Some of the most enjoyable and productive people I have been around are the ones that are, what I call, Steady. Steady is a word I think of for someone with integrity, humility, and consistent character. I don't think you can reach a limit in this area. It's something you can develop for a lifetime.


Strong and Steady is who I want to become. It's who I want to be around. It's who I want to raise my children to be. It's who I want to challenge my friends and family to be. It's what I want to pour into others.

Welcome to the Strong and Steady!


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